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Fernomenal" Ferns - 2 'n 1 Pram Sack (Match Me)


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OH MY GOODNESS!. . you can match your Nappy Bag to your 2 'n 1 Pramsack! This print is available in both Nappy Bag & the 2 'n 1 Pramsack, checkout the others too, titled 'Match Me' xx

Fabric Composition

  • Grey Base - 100% Wool (Sewn & Ready to Ship)
  • 100% cotton canvas Fernomenal" Ferns
  • 100% cotton wadding
  •  Liner 90% Wool 10% Nylon 


Main components are made of Natural Fibres, Wool & Cotton
Three years of use! 3months - 3years
Adjust as they grow
100% Handcrafted & Designed by a NZ Mum
2 'n 1 feature - cold days = a cozy pram sack - hot days = pram liner with the safety your pram sack is still there
Limited stock

*more photos to come 

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