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Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell


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Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell
Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell Vintage Tepee Fabric Shell

One of my favourite things is to work with VINTAGE FABRICS; they are beautiful and remind me of all the gorgeous fabric prints that surrounded my Nana & Pop's House. So let’s bring back a FLOOD of MEMORIES with these ONE OFF VINTAGE TEEPEES!

LIGHT BLUE FLORAL TEPEE (fabric components)

  • Made from stunning one-off, unique light weight cotton fabric prints
  • Tie back doors
  • A play mat made from 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton wadding
  • All fits in two stuff away sacks! (one for the fabric shell/mat and one for your dowelling poles that you purchase separately from your local timber store)
  • Mounted dimensions 160cm tall x 120cm wide/deep

*** This purchase includes all the fabric components and all you have to do is purchase your dowelling timber from your local timber store (Bunnings/M10), we suggest anything from 16mm up in diameter and 1.8meter long lengths. You will need four of these. When your beautiful package arrives it will include the stuff away sacks from your poles. The reason we do this is so it keeps your postage price down and you can select the diameter of dowelling that you are happy with.

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